Thursday, August 28, 2008

2008 Body Makeover Challenge

I am super stoked about the Body Makeover Challenge!! I have battled my weight my entire life. And I mean my ENTIRE LIFE!! My mom was once told that I was close to being kicked off the school bus when I was in Kindergarten for telling another kid to...well telling him something very inappropriate for a five year old. Why did I do that? Because the kid called me a fatso!! I was FIVE. (I did get to keep riding the bus FYI.)

So this is a journey that's been in the making for a long time. I believe in fate....I believe in destiny.....I believe in signs....I believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason.....and I believe that what's supposed to happen, WILL happen....when the time is right. And this journey really and truly began for me three years ago....when I met a boy....and that boy has recently broken my heart. So with my heart broken, my spirit crushed and my foundation rocked....the light dawned on me and I had some very serious self wasn't just my heart that was broken....I was broken. Now, I admit that a lot of these realizations came after a few nights of long conversations with my good old friends Mr. Vodka and Miss Cranberry....LOL. But the realizations were real and true...and very hard to accept. I AM BROKEN. And I need to fix me.

In my life, I've overcome my insecurities about being a heavier person. I've become the funny girl, the loud girl, the party girl, the quick witted girl, the smart make up for NOT being the thin, pretty, model girl. But I want to be all that AND thin...and pretty....I'll never be a model but a girl can dream!! ;) I'm also kind, caring, loyal, honest, giving and a good friend.

Don't get me wrong...I am BLESSED in my life. My mom is my number one supporter....I actually have a pretty great family all around. My friends....they ROCK THE KASBAH. My life is great. My health is not. I am overweight and at risk for diabetes, heart problems.....things that run in my family. I need to fix this. And I've known that for a long time. But it is only now that I am READY to do it. I thank my lucky stars that I heard the commercial for the Biggest Loser casting in Denver(hello sign!!)...that I googled it and found an ad on Craigslist for someone looking for a partner....that she had found a partner but was kind enough to pass everyone's emails out so others could still find someone.....that Jennifer contacted me and we hit it off.....It obviously wasn't meant to be for me to go on The Biggest Loser....but I was supposed to be there that be up at the break of dawn after working until 2:00 in the have my feet aching from standing all battle the heat for hours.....I was supposed to be there so that I could find my true path...and that path is with Judith and everyone else chosen to participate in the 2008 BMC. I was lucky enough to take Judith up on the opportunity to jump start my fitness program. I have been with her for five weeks now and I am already excited about the changes that are occuring in my life.

I'm also thankful for the people that I've had the great fortune of meeting for they have become such a huge part of me already...Jennifer, Carisa, Toni. I met Angela and Ricky last night and they came with so much energy and determination. And I have to give a shout out to the people I've met at A1 Boxing....Glen, Jerome, Chris, Greg, Chino.....the friendliest, most encouraging group of peeps I've met in a really long time. That place is AMAZING!! Judith....what to say about Judith.....LOVE HER! She pushes me and never lets me give up. She believes in me and helps me prove to myself that I CAN DO THIS.

There is a brand new me...a better version of me...just waiting to emerge. I see bits and pieces of her everyday. I see new sides of me. And I am already fixing me. I'm less broken today than yesterday...I am stronger in body and mind. I am revitalized, confident, energized and so very excited for this challenge to begin. I am nervous, hopeful, scared and I am looking forward to every last push up, sit up, squat and every exercise in between. I can't wait to meet everyone on Saturday. I can't wait to take this first step of this journey with you.