Friday, September 12, 2008

On my way......

So I got my most recent circumference measurements from Judith last night and I am so excited to say that so far, I have lost a total of 13.25 inches. I have included a breakdown below:

-1/4 inch Neck
-1/2 inch Hips
-1/4 inch each Calve
-1/2 inch left Bicep (right stayed same)
-3 inches Waist
-5 3/4 inches Umbilicus
-2 3/4 Chest (not bustline)

I did have a slight gain in my thighs but that is not uncommon. I gained 3/4 in my right thigh and 1/4 in my left.

For those of you that don't know, I am also participating in a Biggest Loser-ish competition at work. It has been going on for five weeks now. It is a weekly competition and awards are given out based on weight lost and points accumulated (points are given for water, correct food choices, exercise and are taken away for eating sweets or drinking sodas). This week, I won the weight loss portion and was only 17 points away from the highest points. This is very exciting for me to have won at least ONE week since my going to the Biggest Loser Casting and sharing that experience was a catlalyst for getting this competition started at work.


Lori said...

Very Proud of you... keep up the fight...

Carisa said...

That is AWESOME -- You go girl...keep being that inspiration for so many people!!! I know one day too, I will be able to post such a wonderful accomplishment!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up MILF

Anonymous said...

She's actually a HILF - she's no mom (that I know of, heh) but certainly a HOTTIE!

WOOT RACH! You rock, sweets!

Anonymous said...

So proud of my MPS!!!! Can I have your old clothes?

xxoo YM

Kokopelli said...

LMAO @ HILF!! Thanks Bunny!