Thursday, October 2, 2008

Releasing and The Sisterhood of the Traveling 2 Milers

So some of my girls and I went on a little trip this past weekend. Andrea and I like to call it the Girls Weekend Mountain Retreat....we rented a house in Divide, CO - well, it was actually halfway between Divide and Cripple Creek - that was very secluded, tucked into the valley surrounded by trees and mountains. The leaves were changing colors and looking back, it seems so appropriate and somewhat poetic to have been there at that time - since I am in the process of changing my own colors. Was it Cyndi Lauper that sang about it....I see your true colors shining through.....

It's funny how things seem to fall into place at the exact time you need them to. In my first blog on this site, I talked about how I believe in fate. This weekend proved to be another thing that I believe was meant to happen. I believe that I was exactly where I was supposed to be with exactly the right people. There were six of us that went this weekend. Four of us got up early and went on a hike in Mueller State Park. It was me, Michele, Andrea & Meagan.

We started off on an easy loop and ended up on a moderate loop. Moderate? LOL. If what we hiked was moderate, I'm super duper scared to try the Difficult!!

We ended up hiking for 2 miles and let me tell you - the scenery was beautiful and the company was amazing. Michele has gone through personal training before so she knows how to challenge herself, Andrea is super supportive and always telling everyone that they can do this or that, and Meagan...well, Meagan's my best friend from a thousand years ago and I give her much respect - she's a smoker AND she had a cold. Yet she never gave up and she never complained.

Here's where fate...signs...destiny...whatever you want to call it....comes into play. One of the trainers in this Fitness Challenge likes to say that you don't LOSE RELEASE it. If you lose it, then it can always find it's way back to you...but if you release it....well, that just means you let it go!! A few weeks ago, Jennifer, Andrea and I went to the Metaphysical Fair. The psychic that I talked to told me that at some point, I should find a quiet spot - alone or with friends - and that I should take some rocks and label them and that I should then throw the rock stating that I RELEASE the.....Hurt. Pain. Anger. Worry. Doubt. Disappointment. Loss. Insecurity. Guess what? I found the spot while on this hike. I didn't know if anyone would join me or if anyone would think that I was a bit off my rocker but I decided to do it. And so did the group. We threw rocks and RELEASED all these feelings that keep us down. And when we were done, we prayed....holding hands among the trees with nothing but the sound of the wind and Andrea's voice. She prayed for us individually and as a group. She asked God to keep us safe....she prayed that we'd be able to be better people.....she thanked God for blessing us with each other and for taking away everything we released. Most importantly, she prayed that we'd finish our hike unscathed!! LOL

I'd like to say that all of the releasing worked but I know I'm not 100% there yet. I feel that I released my pain. I tried really hard to release the boy.....but that one is going to take some time. But it's a start right?

In the meantime, I'm striving for more positivity in my life. I'm releasing the fat, releasing the negativity, and changing my colors. I want to let everyone see my true colors shining through. The weekend brought new clarity to my life. I want my light to shine. I want my colors to be bright and vivid and full of energy. I want to have women like these in my life all the time. I am blessed with the women I have in my life besides this group. I am blessed with the people that I can call friend, that support me, encourage me, that keep me on track when I need to be and let me stray off my path when it's necessary.

Peace, Love & Fitness


Destined for Greatness said...

I had a lot of fun, Grand Canyon here we come!!

Carisa said...

I love you girl -- That looks like an amazing spot!!! I totally want to go there next summer with you! Sounds like exactly what you needed at the right time. You are my inspiration & I'm so thankful to have met you in this challenge to push me to go further than I ever thought possible!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! You look great!!! I can see and read a difference in you!!! xoxoxoxo -Michelle